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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Let's Get Blogging...If I Find Time!

Zeb's Caricature by Emily Cole for Haynet
I'm meant to be cleaning the house today, I meant to be doing some food shopping, I meant to be answering some work emails BUT I'm not doing them now - I am writing a long overdue blog post!

As we have entered 2015 I have been reading some super equestrian blogs and are slightly envious how up to date they all are. My blog however is not.... So if I make one New Years resolution (forget the diet, save money (yawn) it is going to be MAKE TIME. This is one factor of my life that I seem to struggle badly with. I think my time management is a bit pants really. I'm great at faffing about, looking busy but not actually achieving all the goals that I dearly want to accomplish.

Miles and Billy - September 2014

So what is my news? 2014 was in general an OK year, nothing melodramatic on the family front thankfully. The boys are now pretty much adults. Billy is now an apprentice legal financial assistant which he is enjoying. It has come hard to work from 9-5.30pm on an apprenticeship wage, but he has grown up immensely for it. Miles is in his second year of his BTEC engineering diploma and is planning to stay on another year to complete levels 4 and 5. He has recently passed his driving test (yes the worry has now doubled) and is working part time for Waitrose. It's great getting the discount and all the much reduced food that he brings home.

Stephen is well. He had an ankle operation in February last year and now he is fitter than ever walking miles with Harley pups!

Harley having some Christmas pet humiliation

Some of you that have taken the time to read my blog or be in on Haynet may know that I have had a very turbulent year with Zeb's health. Thankfully his very bad arthritic pasterns have reacted brilliantly to the turmeric I have been feeding him and he is so much better. I have to confess that I have barely ridden in the last few months. Again I have to use the age old excuse of time. Luckily a friend of a friend is riding out most weekends with him so he is getting out and about. With the change in turnout, he is lucky that the fields can take him being out as much as he can but of course he has to come in when the weather takes hold.

The Lovely Zeb
The mud fever has been kinder this year. He seemed to get it in November with a vengeance and I was dreading seeing how we were going to manage through this winter dealing with it. Thankfully with a couple of new products I have tried, it has cleared up. With washing his legs just once a week in an anti-fungal shampoo and using Equimins Mud Slide Lotion, he seems pretty clear. Luckily the fields aren't too muddy at the moment with the weather being much kinder this year than the incessant wind and rain we had last winter.

So yes my goal is to get motivated and get back in the saddle more which benefits not only him but me too. With the amount of money he costs me, I need to have the "it's worth it" feeling again!

Haynet has been going great through 2014 and again I do not give it the time it deserves. I have plans for the next year with extra help which is so needs. I have some fantastic members and work with some brilliant people through the site.

I end on a very sad note. I wasn't going to mention it, but I feel we have to put life into prospective sometimes. We lost on Monday a very lovely man who is a family friend of ours in a horrible car accident. Dan sadly lost his life while going off to open his butchers shop and lost control of his Land Rover on a lane covered in sheet ice. He was only 25 and sadly leaves his young wife a widow and his lovely four week old baby girl without a father. It has been a somber New Year for everyone that knew him and also a numbness on how can it happen. His wife sadly lost her sister in a car accident two years ago too, so the pain is immense. 

So let's grab life, stop moaning, make time for what you want to do in life and make the most of it. If that can be my New Years resolution please! Now shall I clean the house??

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  1. I believe 2014 was a big year for you, to us both if I might say. I'm glad you are trying to make more time for blogging. It's good to know that everyone in your family, including your pets are well. Also, I'm quite sorry to hear about your sad note at the end of your post. I hope everyone is doing okay with the loss. Car accidents are horrible events, and I hope you never have to go through anything similar like that ever. Here's to a brighter year ahead of us all! Take care!

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