Diary of an Equine Mum

Saturday, 8 February 2014

So Long Blue: Why These Animals Grab Your Hearts

It was a very sad day in the Hobden house yesterday, as we have lost our beloved little Blue cat. We carry on in our lives for years on end with these furry bundles of fluff, just always being there... They sometimes drive us mad but they make us laugh too however when they suddenly depart, life doesn't quite seem to be the same....

I have never intentionally gone looking for kittens, they always seem to find me through friends.  Quite a few of my friends over the years have had kittens and I end up going round for a cuppa, and a coo and arrr over the kitties and then those fateful words come out of my mouth..."Oh go on then, I'll have one".

Blue came into our lives just like that. My friend Sally had a lovely sandy coloured cat called Blossom who had the most beautiful litter of kittens back in 1999 when my boys were three and four. Sally had seen Blue's dad (a big grey cat) all too briefly in her garden having a dalliance with Blossom and then if I remember rightly five kittens then turned up several weeks later. Sally's daughter who was three at the time, couldn't quite grasp the concept that they were not keeping all of Blossom's kittens and screamed the house down every time someone would come and collect the kitten to take home. She was the same with Blue, even though promises would be made that she could see Blue any time she liked. Ashleigh is now seventeen and we have reminded her on several occasions about this story!
Blue Always In The Festive Spirit

I haven't got any wild tales to tell you about Blue as she was generally a quiet little soul, never really giving us any trouble at all. She was a toughy though and would put up a fight if she needed to. I have had many cats over the years, some always up to something or trip to the vets, but not her. She was always, just there. She had just one visit to the vets that I can remember and that was an allergy to flea treatment. We changed the product and she was well again. Now that is fantastic for her 14 years! My son Billy adored her and she was always with him. He cannot remember life without her. She slept on his bed almost every night. 

You Sit Behind Me Harley!

Queen of Sheba

She would stand her ground as she was the quiet boss. Any new cat or dog that came in the household, she would put them in their place, and they all bowed down to her. 
You can sit there Diz but keep a distance!


She had recently been getting a bit doddery coming down the stairs and I was thinking that age was catching up with her. This week though she was bombing through the house like she was a kitten again! She was still fussing over her dinner as Stephen had bought the wrong flavour when he went shopping last weekend and she followed me round the house until I gave in to her. I then hot footed out to the shops and bought her favourite Purina Senior 7+!

The day Dizzee kitten arrived..not impressed!

Me and Stephen went out on Thursday night this week for a friends 50th birthday drinks. The weather was foul (as usual) and when we came home, Billy said to me straight away he couldn't find Blue. This was so unusual as she was always in and certainly wouldn't be out in gale force winds and rain. We searched the house and couldn't find her. I said she had probably popped out and would be back, but secretly I was fearing the worse. I woke up early yesterday and she still was not at home. I went and searched the garage and sheds...nothing. I took Harley for a walk thinking what was my next step in the search for her. I decided to do some notes and pass them to neighbours to check their outbuildings.

When we got back Harley went off in the garden and kept going under our thick hedge, then coming out to find me. He then went under the hedge again, and then out to find me. I then knew she was there... When I crept under the hedge there was Harley sitting quietly by her body. She was not curled up and I honestly think she had an instant heart attack. I am pretty sure it was quick and she did not suffer.

We buried her yesterday in bright sunshine in a spot in the garden that I can see clearly from the house. When the bluebells arrive in the spring, I will put some there as a constant memory of her. We are all pretty upset to see her go, especially me and Billy. She was a fab little cat, and one that can never be replaced. We will miss her immensely.