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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Yet Another Year Flashes By....

A rare picture of Mr and Mrs Hobden!
I opened my blog page today and was horrified to see four posts in draft that I had started to write and never finished.... That is shocking behaviour for someone that runs a blogging network! I can only blame it on poor time management on my part and will correct this as soon as possible. Once I start typing a blog post I really enjoy it, its just making the time to sit down and do it. 

This year has been in general a good year. A few ups and downs on my part, but some friends around me have had a terrible year. You really don't know what is around the corner in life and watching some go through very worrying times, it makes you really appreciate what you have....

In June Miles had his leaving prom (pictured top left) which was quite sentimental really as it has been sad to think my children have now all left school. He had a great time and even us parents partied into the night at Sally's. A few days later we left for a week in boiling hot Rhodes which I think will be the last time we all go away together as a family... The boys bought along some friends too and we only saw them at dinner and the occasional breakfast when they surfaced before the dining room shut at 11am!

The summer has been spent living in a building site with major building work going on with some re-roofing, walls being knocked down, floors relaid, rewiring, new plumbing and a new kitchen. Thank goodness the fantastic summer went with us on the works as it made it all so much more bearable. I am now the lucky owner of a fab new kitchen which is a complete improvement on what you can see below!

I inherited some money when I lost my lovely dad a few years ago and wanted to buy something in memory of him so I invested in an Aga! We have bought a reconditioned one with new lids and resprayed in charcoal grey and I love it. It has totally changed the way I cook and I have kissed goodbye to my kettle, toaster and tumble dryer. She is a complete work horse and we now have heat  and it is nice not having to wear my body warmer on in the day like last winter!!

All the animals are well and Harley has now calmed down quite a bit. I love having him and he really has changed our lives for the better! Nothing like a dog to make you get off your backsides and walk out the house twice a day come rain, wind, snow or sunshine! I am definitely so much fitter - it must be the running after him when he decides to belt after those errant pheasants for three fields!

Zeb is really well but despite battling a bit of mud fever which is now under control, he is all good! My riding has taken a bit of a back seat due to many reasons but I have had a friend ride him out in the week which takes the pressure off me. We have now four horses at the yard which has taken some more time and my friend Sue is sadly battling cancer so extra man power has been needed at the stables.

Baby Rio came to the yard which my friend Bev decided to take him on after being orphaned losing his mother at 6 weeks. It certainly has been a big learning curve dealing with a youngster but a very enjoyable one. He has his moments which can be challenging but overall he is a well mannered lovely young colt.

The autumn has been busy with work and Haynet is becoming more of a job than a hobby. Again, it's a very enjoyable past time but changes are needed to take it forward. I hope 2014 will be a good and developing year for the network, so watch this space!

So we have just had Christmas which I simply cannot believe another one has flashed by. Billy turned 18 on Christmas Eve and again I was very sentimental about him becoming an adult. It almost feels like "job done" but I know that simply is not the case in this day and age! Billy has had a challenging year lets say with big ups and downs. College has been hard work and he decided in the summer that uni was not for him so A Level subjects were changed and now he is on course to do an apprenticeship in accounting next year. Anyway we celebrated Billy's 18th in style on Christmas Eve and both boys went to bed a little worse for wear. 

So in just a couple of days we say goodbye to 2013. I have lots on the horizon next year featuring work, rest and play! Life is definitely too short and we must make the most of it. I absolutely promise to keep you more up to date as I have really enjoyed writing this post. Blog posting should not be a chore and write when you want to write. Well I have decided that I will write more often.


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