Diary of an Equine Mum

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

When Life Seems To Be A Military Operation....

The crowds and the walking @ Badminton!
So this weekend I am escaping... I haven't escaped for a while, in fact it's been a few years. With last years chaotic house move, going away was way down on the list of priorities. I'm off to Badminton Horse Trials for four days with friends, and no family in tow. I'm so looking forward to it but the countdown to the military operation in order for my household to run while I am away has started. It gets to the point where I sometimes wonder is it worth all the work! I have a huge list to do, I should be doing them now instead of writing this blog post....
The fab William Fox-Pitt who I will be rooting for!
I have work to catch up with and then do paperwork to cover when I'm away, I've got horses to sort and arrange meeting the farmer to arrange for a bale in the field for Zeb to munch while I'm gone. I've got to shop for the masses for easy to open food for the family to consume with ease. I've got to make sure the cats and dog have enough food with written instructions on how to feed them. I've got to arrange for Harley to be walked as Mr H is on crutches (torn ligaments, long laborious story, it needs a whole new blog post for that one!). The boys have a social life I was told, so walking the dog would be very tricky to fit this in.....  I've got washing and ironing to do by the ton not really for me but for the boys as they have work (uniform needed) and parties to attend.
Why do I do it, I hear some of you ask... because I'm a mum and probably a little bit of a control freak I suppose. It's normally domestic carnage upon my return so to have a plan in place makes it all so much easier!
So I head off with some friends on Friday for a totally horsey weekend in the Cotswolds. I will be mixing some business with pleasure meeting a few contacts to do with Haynet too. I am thinking of doing a stand with another company in the future so some market research is being done this weekend! We are staying with friends in an unofficial B&B capacity and we are thoroughly looked after and spoilt over the three nights we are staying there. I have robbed some money from the money tree and have a little list of necessities that I need from Premier Equine, Kate Negus and Joules!

Anyway must dash and stop talking and start "doing"! I will be back with all the news from Badminton very soon!



Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The Winter Depression Has Lifted!

Harley First Time In The Snow
This was dear Harley only a few weeks ago - hard to believe when I am typing this with sunglasses on (must sort out a blind for the window!) with the temperature gage showing a positively tropical 17 deg at 6.30pm in  the evening!

It's been a very tough and long winter. Being in our new place which has not received any maintenance for some years has been a draughty and expensive house to heat in the last six months. Layer upon layer I have put on and we still fed the oil company and the log man twenty pound note after twenty pound note. I cannot write down what we have spent on fuel  this winter but I could have had a five star luxury break in Bermuda with the money! 
Zeb In His Winter Coat!

It's also been incredibly hard work with the horses this year. It's either been a frozen ice rink making riding impossible or monsoon wind and rain. I make no secret of it, I will not ride in damp conditions! Zeb has continued to settle over the last few months and I can honestly say he is now back to the old Zeb that I know and love. Moving has been an upheaval for all of us but I really did not take into account how it affects the animals in our lives!

Life has been super busy with work starting on the house with the front room now finished and a shower room upstairs which has been a god send. Having daily baths has been bit of a bind and also really time consuming! We have finally moved the office in the workshop outside and I am really thrilled with it!
Haynets New Little Office

The boys are fine and busy consumed with school and college as the last term starts with exams looming. Billy has found this years work with the A Levels quite tough as the workload is far higher than he has ever had to deal with before. We are off to college next week for a University meeting to start the process of applying for 2014..how scary! Billy has also been driving and has his theory test this week. I am dreading him driving when he passes his test. Do mums ever stop worrying?! He has also got a job part time at Herstmonceux Castle which he grumbled about at first but is now enjoying, especially with the pennies rolling in. He seem quite reluctant to part with them when I said he could now contribute towards his driving lessons and car tax - funny that!

Miles is leaving school in a months time and then he will have his GCSE's to do through May and June. He has been accepted to do a BTEC Engineering course for two years at college which we are really pleased about. 
The Beautiful South Downs Of Sussex

So Spring has sprung this week and my winter depression has definitely lifted. I was out today walking Harley with a tshirt on and he was shattered as it was the first time he has manically run about in this heat. I am very lucky the dog walks around here are just stunning with views towards the South Downs. It's amazing how the air just changes with a bit of warmth and sunshine. I have now got back in the saddle more frequently with the change of weather which has been great. Zeb has been a very good boy with no obvious spring nonsense (she says **touchwood**)!
Me and The Big Guy
A Fistful Of Horse Hair!
I have spent the last few days brushing and brushing and brushing his coat which is coming off in fistfuls.  You could honestly make a lovely horse hair mattress out of it! I even think Zeb has come out of a winter depression and I was watching him in the field today with the sun on his back, looking a very happy horse!

So I hope the summer is going to be kind to us this year because I think we all pretty much deserve a run of good weather. I have a lot going on in the next few months from Proms to Holidays, a trip to Badminton, Hickstead and Brightling for my horse fixes and then Hen Parties with an Alice and Wonderland theme among others!

I hope to keep up to date with all my goings on and will keep you posted with my trips out! Roll on summer of 2013!