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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Coughs, Colds And A Horse Meat Scandal

Well the last few weeks in this house has been full of the sounds of coughing, sniffing and generally moaning. We have spent half the weekly shopping budget on Lemsip and Sudafed and I am not sure they make a huge difference to be honest. Miles came home a few weeks ago feeling dreadful which developed into man flu, then Steve had the man flu and now I have a thick cold...which is what the true diagnosis is!

Trouble is I cannot take to my bed when I feel ill (like certain males in this house did), the cogs of the household wheel would fall off. So I put on my "martyr" badge and carry on....with work, the dog walking, horse mucking out and exercising, washing, being a taxi driver and the food shopping. Talking of which what we put in out trollies has been full on in the media and social networks this week with this dreadful horse meat scandal.
This scandal is very close to my heart being a horse lover and being married to a qualified butcher. The whole lesson of this whole sorry saga is the need and necessity to buy cheap food. My food bill like everyone's has soared over the last few years and to eat healthy and good locally sourced food is too expensive. This is why the beef lasgane in question is only £1.29 because it has not got any beef in it. If it had, it would be double the price. To be duped by the manufacturers that they are selling beef is down to them checking their supplier. 

Being a horse lover, I really have no problem in people eating horse meat, that is their choice. I personally wouldn't eat it, as it would be like me eating Zeb, or my cat or my dog. The whole issue of this scandal is the manufacturers making huge profits from their products lying through their teeth as to what is in them. However, I know that some families struggle to put food on the table because of the costs and to go to the butcher seems off limits with their budgets. My feelings are to try and go back to the good old days when a joint of meat should go further than the one roast, with cold meats used the next day and then whatever is left minced for the third. It may be more labour intensive but at least you know what you are eating and I think you would save money in the long run.

This also shows what happens when we import meat from abroad because it is cheaper. In this country we have strict guidelines with our meat production which I know is reflected in the costs when you have good quality, UK sourced meat. I hope our attitudes change with this and we all look more carefully at what we are buying. If we do change our buying habits then the need for cheap imported "meat" products will decline putting a stop to the dodgy practices and the awful animal welfare issues that have been seen in countries abroad that have been supply us with so called "beef".
The animal welfare that is around this scandal is particularly upsetting, especially for the much loved horse. I have read some very upsetting articles about this. Truly shocking....

Anyway must sign off, lots to do and I have got to do some food shopping today as the cupboards are bare. I will be very careful label watching today and thinking a bit more about what I will buy. I just hope when the furor of this dies down, our attitudes to processed meats and cheap meat products has changed.

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  1. I often wonder why I make my life harder by cooking pretty much everything from scratch, then something like this happens, and suddenly it seems more than worthwhile!