Diary of an Equine Mum

Thursday, 17 January 2013

I Have Been Nominated! It's Not An Oscar But An ESMA!

Well what a start to the week! My equestrian social blogging network aka Haynet (hay-net.co.uk) has been nominated for two awards!! I have been nominated for BEST BLOG and BEST EQUESTRIAN SOCIAL NETWORK! I am so excited and really thrilled.  I haven't given my website 100% over the last six months as moving house twice and Zeb twice has been incredibly time consuming. However I did make sure that every day it was checked, content was added and chatted with members, even if it was only for a short while. 

Haynet has been going for 16 months now and as the membership has increased and with over 245 equestrian blogs listed, members are starting to use it for themselves. I have some brilliant members that write some fantastic blogs showing us all the ups and downs that come with life with horses. It is also great to see members that do not blog, just use the site to meet with other horse riders. I am also so pleased to see members that haven't blogged before, start through Haynet.
To be nominated for these awards have given me the boost I need to progress into this year with the site. I have quite a few ideas and changes that I would like to make. From hours that I spent approaching equestrian companies to provide content or advertise, they now contact me.  To have this site as my main job would be my dream, but pennies are hard to find in the social network/blogging game. It is out there, but you have to work very hard to get there.
So if you would like to give me a VOTE, then please do and have a look and tick a box for someone else in the many categories. Voting closes on 8th February and the winners will be announced in March. Very exciting indeed! I will keep you posted...

Come and visit HAYNET, the UK's No1 Equine Social Blogging Network

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Teenage Party Aftermath & A New Computer

As promised and my New Years resolution was to blog more so its the 2nd January and here I am updating. Yesterday wasn't a very relaxing day in our household, yes far from it. In a moment of weakness I agreed to Billy (17 year old oldest son) to have a New Years Eve party. As we have moved into a house that is in the early stages of being done up, I talked myself into the fact that the aging carpets could cope with a "few" teenagers. Through my rose tinted glasses I thought perhaps his party may be as refined as in the picture above....the glasses didnt work - I needed black shades to cover the sight upon my return at 12.45am...
A Few Sneaky Pictures From Facebook I Spied!

Me and Stephen declined a couple of NYE parties with the view that we needed to stay sober and also we had to find somewhere we could take Harley Pup Pups who would of had a nervous breakdown with the onslaught of a teenage invasion. We went to a friends to slop out on her sofas drinking coke and eating our own body weight again in crisps, sausage rolls and handfuls of Celebrations. When we returned home (I was dreading it) the first thing that greeted us was toilet rolls that were lobbed on the drive. When we went in the house the floor was a sea of lager with bottle tops to match. We fought our way through a throng of 20 teens and that was just in the kitchen. The small gathering was more hitting the 50 mark... (yes I have read the horror stories of teen parties ending up ripping out bathroom suites etc and they would of done us a favour if this had been the case!)

To cut a long story short, it took nearly an hour to turf them out, amongst bin liners full of bottles and biscuits and ham.. Yes biscuits and ham! We left no food but they raided our cupboards and fridge to eat and squash in the carpet biscuits and ham.. each to their own.

We finally got to bed at 3am with about 5 staying over. I didn't really sleep very well as my OCD was kicking in big time. I went downstairs on New Years Day about 7.30am, put my Ministry of Sound 80's Anthems on full blast, started the hoover which the dog hates and barks constantly at and started the clear up. I spent the next 5 hours wringing lager out the cushions, clearing up ten toilet rolls from the garden, picking up garments, odd shoes and then flashing the house from top to bottom.
To be fair nothing was broken, and it was just dirty and a mess. There is a blob of chewing gum on the carpet but if any one has some top tips to remove it, please let me know. They all had a good time which I am glad BUT I am never having a teenage party again! 
My other news is that I have bought myself a new computer. My old one was getting slow and we just want to use for our business so it was time to replace it. After lots of searching and researching and bargain hunting in the sales, I have gone for a HP Pavilion All In One 23. So far very impressed and typing on it as we speak.
Anyway must go - the washing machine full of cushion covers bought back to life I hope from not stinking of Bulmers and Fosters are ready... Until next time!