Diary of an Equine Mum

Monday, 31 December 2012

What An Exhausting Year!

I cannot believe I have not posted since August. Wish I had taken the time to do the odd blog post as I love reading them back. My main excuse for not writing is that 2012 has been a hugely exhausting year with many highs and lows...

We have finished our house, sold it, renovated a bungalow which we lived in temporarily then moved to a new house in the country and decorated one room already amongst working, looking after teenage boys and animals too! So phew yes I am on my knees! It has taken some getting used to living in a new area, but we are loving it. We have been incredibly spoilt living in a house with all mod cons etc after spending 14 years doing it up to now living in a house that hasn't had anything done to it in the last 20 odd years. We have many plans for the place and it will all come together, probably after another 14 years!

We have had a new addition to the house who swept in like a whirlwind - Harley puppy dog! He is a super little dog but I wont lie it has been hard work.

Stephen who is not a massive dog fan, has really taken to him and we have has some lovely dog walks out which we are both enjoying. It's just fitting the dog in my day which has proved testing, as well as the toilet training. I have become a dab hand with wipes, kitchen roll and spray!

Zeb has proved to be very testing this year. I made the hard decision to move him to a yard opposite where I live to reduce the hours journey there and back to his old yard. It turned out to be the most stressful part of the whole move. He hated it there, becoming a right royal pain in the a**e, bucking, rearing and tanking off. He was just unmanageable and no one at the yard wanted to really deal with him (understandably)...

So after another week of hell, and him hurting a girl at the yard I decided to move him back to his old yard. Well this has proved to be the best decision, as I now have a happy and settled horse. I am now doing part livery which works out better with the travelling. Sometimes things in life just doesn't work out.
The boys have been ok with the move, I think they have taken time to settle too. Billy is now at college doing his A Levels which are proving to be much harder than he thought. Miles is in his final year at school and looking at going into engineering. Our business is busy and it has been hard to move the business twice in a year.
Christmas has been lovely here, despite the stormy weather. So tonight we are saying goodbye to 2012. A year of Olympics, a Golden Jubilee and moving house twice. A year that I will never forget. In a moment of weakness I have let Billy have a party here tonight so I have about 30 teenagers descending on the house. At least the swirly carpets can take the spillages and it will be a good excuse to rip them up later... Wish me luck!

I wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year and I will blog post much more often in 2013. Have a good one :0)


  1. Best of luck with the party and of course have a very Happy New Year!

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  3. What a year! I will be happy to say goodbye to 2012, but I'm not celebrating today, but remembering, my horse John. It was last New Year's Eve he first fell ill.

    Glad to hear Zeb has settled back at his old yard - you just never know do you if your decisions are for the best or not, but horses are amazing and find a way to tell us if all is not right!

    Best of luck with the party later and wishing you everything wonderful in 2013 xx