Diary of an Equine Mum

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Settling In The Sun

So we have now moved and been in our temporary home for ten days now. The first few days were quite stressful as Dizz really hated being cooped up in the house and drove us all mad howling and hurling himself at the windows to get out.... Anyway by day three when the cat valium was still not working, he escaped out the back door between Stephens legs and shot over the fence and gone! Anyway the wanderer returned that night and that has been his routine since. He goes back to the old house and sits in the garden all day and then comes back to us at night (we have moved about 1/4 of miles away...)
This week has been really nice to actually not to be packing, ringing, stressing and life almost feels normal. However I know we have the rumblings starting again for the next move as we are hoping to exchange on our new house next week to move about 10 days after. So... I am making the most of my free time at the moment. I have ridden Zeb quite a bit which has been lovely.
I am going to spend this afternoon tack cleaning and washing my rugs as we have some glorious summer weather with temperatures hitting 30 deg! I went on a lovely dog walk with Rhonda with her dogs and some  other dogs she is looking after. The fields are glorious with lots of hay making.

After a lot of thought and with our new rural home, we have decided to get a puppy! Stephen has always been a little anti the idea for many years but has finally come round it. We are moving to a house with long dog walking fields, so it will be fairly easy to keep a dog. We have reserved a male black and tan patterdale x jack russell which we will be picking up at the end of September. So exciting - I will post some pictures soon.
So changing times ahead but looking forward to it. I hopefully will be back on soon as trying to make sure I keep my blog up to date (seeing as I run a blogging network!) Just off now to enjoy the sunshine - happy days.


  1. Lovely photographs :) Good luck with your new pup! So exciting, I would love one and I adore patterdales...I look forward to your updates

  2. Wonderful picture you have with Zeb. Truly horse riding is a lovely experience. How lucky you are to have Zeb.
    Have a wonderful holiday season, and don't forget to hug your horse!
    Greetings from Saltriver.