Diary of an Equine Mum

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Nearly Time To Say Goodbye

So I have only two days left at our lovely house which we have spent the last 14 years in. I have been sorting, chucking, giving away, keeping, filing, packing and binning over the last six weeks and I am exhausted. We are moving into the bungalow for (hopefully) only for a short while as we have found a new house. Its about 6 miles away and will be quite a change of life if it goes through. I am going to say very little about it and will only get excited when we exchange!

I said goodbye to my neighbours today and she started crying which made me well up too. Change is good but it is very hard to move on without getting sentimental and emotional about it all. I bought the boys here when they were babies and they have grown up in this house. We have had great times here and have lots of happy memories. The house is looking very empty and echoes as we start taking the final pieces of furniture out. In the bungalow though this is starting to look like home as it has all our things. I think home is what is around you too.

It has also been a tough decision but I am going to move Zeb too. He has been at my friends yard for 6 years and we have been more than happy there. If we move to the house we are currently buying, it will be a 25 min journey each way which adds alot to the day and to the fuel bill. Luckily where I am moving to is horsey riding heaven and I went to see a yard this morning which is only a 5 minute walk from the house. It's very different in lots of ways. As always there are advantages and disadvantages to any yard but it felt a lovely place to bring him. They are very kindly keeping the box available for me until I move. I have said I want to move into the house first and then think about him next.

If I make it to News Years Eve this year in one sane piece it will be a miracle! What a stressful and unsettling time but I know it will be all ok. So bye bye house - you have been great to be around. Let's hope the new owners love you like we did!


  1. Moving house is so stressful, I feel for you. Moving your horse is even more stressful I think as there's the worry about will he settle, will he be happy, am I doing the right thing moving him from the yard he knows? All of these thoughts went through my head when I moved John, but you know, it was the best thing I ever did. Our last yard was definitely the place he was at his happiest and most chilled out. Zeb will be fine and so will you. There will always be some sort of compromise in that you will never find a perfect year, but if you're happy with it generally then he will be too. All the best with the rest of your moving x

  2. That was meant to be you will never find a perfect yard by the way! My eyes aren't working properly today.