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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Calm Before The Storm

Apologies for not writing and updating sooner, life is very hectic and busy at the moment. By the time I finally sit down at night its 8.50pm and I'm whacked. Our house sale is speeding ahead, and I'm amazed at the speed it has gone through. I honestly think that there are some media hype about how bad things are in the housing market. Its not brilliant but its not as bad as the newspapers make out. There are many Sale Agreeds around here now and it's slowly moving. 
I feel my life is in the "Calm Before The Storm" phase... We are expecting to move in 4 weeks and have a bungalow to renovate in that time to put a new kitchen and bathroom in, rewire and put central heating in. Not much work then! We get the keys tonight and that's when all hands to the decks starts. We have another property in mind but not sure if that will come off. I will keep you posted.
I turned 42 last Monday - 42!!!!!! How did that happen!! I felt a bit better when I realised Sir Paul McCartney was 70 on the same day. A mere spring chicken I am then....
The weekend before Stephen hired an old VW camper van and we set out with Jo and Archie, Miles and Georgia and hit Cooden Beach for a barbie. It was lovely and a very different way to celebrate a birthday. The weather was kind for a change and it almost felt holiday like! 
On the equine side of things, Zeb is all well. I fell off him a couple of weeks ago in a comedy fall getting on! In the eight years I have owned him this is the only time I fell off. He just looked at me on the floor with an expression" what on earth are you doing down there!". I ached for days realising I certainly do not bounce anymore! I had another lesson yesterday and had an eureka moment with the collection and keeping him on the bit. Only taken me years... We are struggling with the grazing which we are just scratching our heads over. We have 5 acres to 3 horses horses with only a few blades of grass. The paddocks have been rolled, harrowed and fertilised with one paddock being rested for 9 months. Why is it struggling??

Boys are well - Billy left school 3 weeks ago and had his last GCSE on Monday. We think its all gone ok, but only August will tell when the dreaded results are in! Billy will then go to college to study his AS/A2 Levels. Miles is now going into his last year so he needs to decide what to do. The boys will be working next week on the bungalow so I hope to keep you more updated and not once a month with all the goings on. I need some more hours in the day please! 


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