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Sunday, 20 May 2012

For Sale - 14 Years Of Happy Memories

So after months of talking about the moving subject, we have finally bit the bullet and gone on the market. Well I say we have, we are not "officially" on the market until tomorrow but our agent decided to send someone round yesterday with the house in turmoil, the boys rooms resembling a squat, paint and ladders strewn in everywhere, cat footprints on the settee...but obviously the couple like than ambience of all of that and put an offer in!! We were just blown away yesterday that we would have an offer so quickly....

Anyway it was a little under what we wanted so the agent has more buyers interested so the exhausting viewings start this week. Now I know I like a bit of cleaning, but it is draining to keep the house in tip top condition. I am going to pass on the coffee simmering in the machine and home made buns aroma wafting as the potential buyer walks in the door. It will have to be a cup of instant and some co op own shortbread I'm afraid!!

So 14 years of happy memories are for sale.... I have loved living here and this house has seen so many happy times and the only odd sad time. With dad dying a couple of years ago now, I have a lot of work that he has done at this house, the sentimental side of me is looking at the bathroom he fitted, the radiators he put on. I have his plants in the garden..... He is not here to see our next change in our lives and I would of been talking all about this to him and asking his advice. Yes it is going to be very sad to leave it but it is time to move on with the boys leaving school and as Steve says, time is ticking by!

We have an eye on the next property which we are viewing on Wednesday. It will be quite a lifestyle change is this goes ahead but I am saying no more until we have seen it, and if we put an offer on it. I will keep you posted!!

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