Diary of an Equine Mum

Sunday, 13 May 2012

A Delicate Horse Riding Lesson & A Trip To The Hospital!

What a day I had yesterday.... After spending Friday night catching up with some friends over some bottles of Cava, I woke early yesterday morning thinking it may have been a better idea to move my riding lesson on a week. Yes I was feeling some what delicate! Anyway, my delicate state soon worsened when Zeb came in from the field a different colour to the bright bay he was meant to be....he was now a muddy dun. The big git was covered head to foot in mud - joy...
So after lots of scraping and brushing he finally resembled his normal colour again. My friend was having her lesson first so I decided to warm up Zeb by hacking down the long hill and back again. Coming back up the hill back to the yard, the horses across the road from us were going absolutely mental! Zeb, bless him, was not phased at all and was more interested if he could get a sneaky mouthful of grass whilst his neighbours were doing handstands!
I haven't had a lesson since November so very rusty on the schooling side of things...again. My instructor said we would have a look at transitions and do some canter work to get me back into it again. My transitions coming down from trot to walk is particularly untidy so we worked on bringing the trot from a medium trot, to a working trot to almost a jog and then a walk to smooth the transition. After working on this it did start to look almost elegant. Zeb is very sensitive to aids but probably with mixed reactions from me, to come to a walk is almost a stop! Also by adding in some half halts seem to work as well which I am going to have to put this transition work into practise (she says......I will go in the school - honest!)
Towards the end of the lesson we decided to do some canter work, particularly on the left rein as Zeb has a habit of putting in some un-asked flying changes. The problem I have is when he puts a flying change in, it puts me completely out of seat and then it all goes to pieces which results back to trot and the whole thing has gone. My instructor this time was making me sit deep, and continue on with canter by pushing him on, and not allowing him to stop even if puts in a flying change. This was done on a large circle as he does seem to be more prone to the FC on the straight. After a few practices and me pushing him on, this worked. We did it on the right rein which was so much better. So a good lesson all in all - I came out feeling positive and there is talk of going along to some low key dressage next month, so I will keep you posted on that.
That afternoon once home, my husband decided as for once as it wasn't raining (and we are putting our house on the market..another long story!) to start tidying the outside up. We have some rampaging ivy growing up the back of the house, so he got his ladder out and up he went to trim it all up. Five minutes later, a huge crash and bang, he fell straight down on to the decking! He was out cold then when he came too he was sick! So straight down to A&E....
The wait was 4 hours!! Fortunately the girl on reception I knew as we used to work together and she got us in quicker, especially with a potential head injury. (It's not what you know - it's who you know!!) The waiting room was heaving and there were patients on trolleys in the corridors. The staff were running around and I just don't know how they do it. I spoke to my friend later about her job and she told me stories that would make your hair curl! One woman came in yesterday afternoon and said "what was the wait?" She was told 4 hours, then she said ok don't worry I'll come back tomorrow!!! Priceless.....
Anyway Mr H had every test going, CT scans, XRays, bloods etc etc. Thankfully he only has a serious bout of concussion, bruises and a badly sprained ankle. It could of been so much worse.It was very humbling to see the workings of that hospital yesterday and I cannot fault the staff, they were absolutely brilliant. So if any of you that work in the NHS, especially in A&E - you need an award! We were meant to be going out to dinner with friends last nignt, which we obviously couldnt make it - so it was a drive in MacDonalds on the way home....with relief that it wasnt anything more serious and we were going home.
So a very calm Sunday for me today. We are both walking around like cripples...me from my lesson, Mr H from his fall....


  1. what what what????!!!! falling husbands! moving! gawd, we need a big catch up Sammy! glad Mr H is ok x
    chat soon xxx

  2. We do Nova - lots of news, the days weeks months just fly by. Ill ring you xx