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Friday, 13 April 2012

Equestrian Blogging - My Article

Sorry it's been an age since my last post. I have been so busy with work, family and running Haynet. I am going to blog this weekend about the latest goings on but in the meantime here is an article that I have written for Equine Online all about Equestrian Blogging:

"I imagine you have come across in the social media, websites and equestrian magazines celebrity and well known riders writing about their life with horses. I have always read and followed these online diaries with interest and find it quite fascinating how people have such different lives with horses.
I started writing a blog about my horse really by accident last summer. I didn’t really intend to keep a regular diary but was following some friends online blogs, I became inspired to start my own. As a teenager I kept diaries for several years documenting the angst, worries and joys of being fifteen. I had forgotten all about these diaries and it was only last year that these were discovered in my mother attics after a clear out. I bought them home, dusty, tattered and started to read them. I laughed, cringed, and got very emotional at them as it bought back so many lost and forgotten memories of my teenage years. I had also written about the fun times horse riding, falling off every week in the lessons but living and breathing all things pony! These diaries are very precious to me now. However we have moved on in the thirty years since then and blogging is now the 21st century way of keeping a diary.
I don’t know about you but I sometimes struggle to remember what I did yesterday. I wish I had kept a diary over the last twenty years but time has evaded me. By starting my blog, I began writing about the joys and frustrations of owning my horse. I had started having lessons last year – some weeks I made brilliant progress, other lessons were exasperating disasters. By documenting this down, it was a way to read back to see where I was going right riding my horse and where my weaknesses were too. Blogging can also be a powerful way to share your knowledge, especially in the equestrian world. The majority of us horse riders source the internet these days to help us find answers to those problems that come up invariably having horses! By reading others rider’s diaries that are sharing their equine wisdom, blogging is now another way of sourcing this helpful advice.
Blogging is now becoming a very versatile tool in the equestrian world. The equestrian industry seem to be embracing this way of blogging to promote their equestrian businesses, competitions or chosen equine area of expertise. Most websites these days have a blog which can then be linked to social network pages such as Facebook and Twitter. Some top equestrian companies are now using blog pages to raise their companies profile or employing professional riders to write about their career through their websites. All the tops riders especially through the competition season blog, tweet or post about their successes and failures these days. Rather than wait for a magazine article to come out in print, this is now the quick and fast way to get their equestrian news out there as well raising their profile and their horses.
Why leave blogging to the professionals? Why not start writing about your equestrian life too? There are many ways on the internet to start for free through Blogger, WordPress etc. Do you think you haven’t got the time? Yes, this is a question that I am often asked. You can give as much time as you want to your blog but sometimes if an article or piece is short but interesting, that is better than long laborious text. Be yourself when writing and your personality will shine through. No two people have the same opinion especially in the horse world, so be honest, truthful and considerate in what you write. Add pictures to your text too which makes your article more appealing to the eye. Sometimes a page of full text can be off putting and the reader may pass by your interesting blog post. If you want to build up a readership, update your blog often to encourage followers to return.
I urge you to have a go and start writing about the ups and downs living with your horse can bring. I like nothing better than looking at my blog posts from many months ago. What seemed a hurdle with your horse then, is now a solution. Just think a few years ahead how nice it will be to look back at the wonderful times your horse gave you. As in the words of Oscar Wilde “Memories is the diary we all carry with us”."

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