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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Catch Up Post - Ideal Home, Camber, Easter!

It's been ages since my last proper blog post and it's just time! Since launching Haynet, it just consumes so much of my time - enjoyable times but many hours spent at the computer screen. Factor in running a family, horse and work, I look at the clock and realise it's 8 oclock at night!

Me and Stephen managed to gra b a day out together a few weeks ago and went up to London to the Ideal Home Exhibition. It was really sunny and hot so it was a pleasure to be in London. The exhibition was great, 20K hot tubs, 5k garden sofas etc - I think you get my drift! We then went on to Harrods and did some more window shopping at a box of 10 bottle of win at 325K...I jest not! Afterwards we made our way back to Borough Market before catching the train back to Crowborough, de touring at Oxted as there was an incident on the line for an hour....

Easter came and went with a change in weather to cold and showery. Stephen went to Barnsly to watch Brighton play. On Sunday even though it was cold and windy we decided to go to Camber Sands for a walk on the beach. It's a funny old place but very quirky and interesting. We ended up having a coffee at the cafe on the beach - blustery and cold but lovely.

Easter Monday we did the family thing seeing both sides which was nice. The boys spent the holidays fishing and shopping! Billy leaves school in a months which is a scary thought. I cannot believe my children are leaving school with Miles leaving next year! All the animals are fine, cats driving me mad. Zeb is all good, touchwood. Just waiting for the grass to grow and summer to arrive. 
Promise I wont leave it so long next time. I'm off to Badminton in a couple of weeks which I cannot wait. I will report back!

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