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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Slipping And Sliding And Birthday Cakes

Well as I write I have not long been in from mucking the horses out in -8 conditions. Its been such a bitter week with night times falling to -10 here in Sussex.... I have battled with driving and getting about to the yard as the lanes have not been gritted so you are driving on compact ice, slipping and sliding all over the place!

So Zeb had his shoes back on last Friday and I've ridden him once. It is so dangerous out on the yard and the lanes it would be treacherous to ride. There seems to be no sign of it going away, tomorrow is meant to be a tropical 1 deg but I cannot see that making it a full thaw.

Anyway, I will not moaning because on the positive the sky has been a brilliant blue with the sun shining which makes it lovely out there. At the beginning of the week, I parked at the top of the lane and walked down to the yard - in the glorious crispy sunshine:

The week also has been dominated by family birthdays. Steve's mum was 81 this week, and then his sister hit 60 too!! I cannot believe she is that age. We went for a meal at the Blackboys which was lovely. My sisters birthday is next week too and she is sliding down to 40...... The years are slip and sliding us by!

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