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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sindy And Her Horse: 1976

On my site hay-net.co.uk there is a great forum topic at the moment where everyone is talking about their early childhood memories with horses. It brought it back to me today about when my lovely dad (who I miss terribly) bought me in 1976, a Sindy and her horse. I was in hospital for a few days having my adenoids out which seemed to be fashionable I think to whip them out in the seventies. I remember clearly sitting in bed coming round and all groggy from the anaethestic, with my dad beside my bed holding a big Gamleys bag.
Imagine my utter delight when I saw inside a Sindy and her horse. It was just like this one posted here. I honestly think that this was the first sign of me getting the horse bug. I played for hours with Sindy and the kit that came with it. This came complete with a red curry comb, a nose bag, bucket, broom and a rosette!
Sindy's Horse I think I had was black, and if I remember rightly I think the legs moved and he had a tail and mane of hair!  I'm sure mine was like the picture below. The one in the picture on the left seems to be a dark bay colour and has a plastic moulded mane and tail.
After looking on the internet today this was Sindy's new riding outfit which they launched in 1976. 'Riding Out' was an outfit with wide legged style jodhpurs in a light cotton fawn, teamed up with a lovely rich yellow cotton ribbed top with turtle neck! How fashionable you were Sindy! She also wore black riding boots which I remember were a complete pain to get off and on again.

Anyway I have enjoyed remembering Sindy today and her lovely riding outfits! How many of you were Sindy fans? Mind you if you admit to having a Sindy like I have, it shows our age!!

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  1. oh Sindy! thanks for the memory Sammy x I loved my Sindy but was jealous of my friend Molly who had the horse & the house!