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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Heartfelt Thoughts & Billy's Ski Trip

It is terrible news about the coach that crashed in France at the weekend, killing a well loved teacher and injuring many pupils from the school in Worcestershire. Billy spent last week in Goldegg, Austria with his school year skiing and snowboarding. Being a mum, I did worry about anything happening to him and his friends, would he break any bones but I also did worry about something happening to the coach with him, his friends and teachers travelling in it. 

Their coach journey was shared by two drivers but it was for nearly 24 hours each way. That is a long time to drive even between two drivers. I feel just awful for the parents, fellow teachers that are affected by this crash but I feel   for the coach drivers too. But then if he was feeling tired he should of stopped, but what if time was against him to catch a ferry so he could get these children back. Something needs to be looked into about this, as this very thought of the length of driving did cross my mind last week, before this crash.

Obviously I felt huge relief when I got the call from Billy that he had arrived back at the school entrance on Saturday afternoon, all safe and sound.  There was a couple of broken wrists among them, but all in all they had a fantastic time. With Billy leaving school soon, I'm glad he went and spent a week with his school friends because that is all going to be ending.....

My heartfelt thoughts go to the pupils, teachers and parents that have been affected by this terrible coach crash but also to the coach driver too who I imagine is totally devastated by what has happened.....

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  1. What an awful tragedy. I just can't imagine what these teachers, pupils and parents must be going through.

    Jasmine went to Austria at half term too with the same 24 hour coach trip. I tried to push thoughts of anything horrible happening out of my mind because I so wanted her to enjoy herself. Fortunately she had a fabulous time and the only injury all week was one girl who knocked her head and had concussion for a day.

    The downside is that she wants to go again next year now!