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Monday, 6 February 2012

A Ginger Hairy Beast Seen In The Snow!

Well I feel I must do the token post about all the snow we have had in Sussex in the last couple of days. The main concern yesterday was to sort the horses out who were tucked in their shaving beds on Saturday as the sky dumped it's white blanket!

We must of have had about 6 inches of snow overnight. My friend Sue and her trust 4x4 picked me up yesterday morning to get to the yard. We crawled down the lane in untouched snow which the car seemed happy about. It's amazing how quiet snow make everything. It was absolutely silent when we got to the yard...until the horses saw us and complained about waiting for some more food!
As you can see I gave Zeb some breakfast and as a treat at the end he had some bread crusts that I bought down for him. Very well received as you can see. I really enjoy sorting the horses out in the snow and being in the fresh air! I think the horses enjoy being out in the snow too!

Anyway the snow can go now - lovely as it has been, the novelty has warn off today and I've got things to do and people to see! Roll on spring..... Hey Zeb

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