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Sunday, 26 February 2012

A Dose Of Football, Followed By Drinks & Pasta!

Stephen had some tickets going for the Brighton games against Ipswich yesterday, so decided to go with our fab friends Jo and Archie and make a day of it.  As always there was lots of testosterone chanting, together with the effing and jeffing, wafts of different aftershaves together with meat pies smells! This is honestly the smells that remind me of that football ground .

Luckily it was a lovely day, crisp cold but sunny, so we weren't being drowned by rain which also adds to the loveliness of watching football!  Stephen said I sould go more often because every time I've been to the Amex, Brighton have won having a 3-0 win over Ipswich. (No I won't be making a habit of going every week - I'll stick to the equine hobby in my life thanks!) After the game we headed to the bar at the ground which was about 30 deep to the bar, so decided to head into Brighton. We then just wandered the lanes having drinks in the many diverse bars and pubs that are in Brighton.

We then went to Donatellos at the bottom of the lanes which was absolutely heaving. This restaurant is the sponsor on the back of the Brighton shirts so decided to have a meal there. Well at last a restaurant that seems to have got it so right, good food, excellent service and so reasonably priced! No wonder it has people queuing out the door to get in there. Anyway we had a lovely bowl of pasta each and were stuffed so decided to cab it back to the car. Just makes a nice change to make the effort to go out. Now the boys are older, we are lucky we don't have to worry about babysitters anymore.

Happy days :0)

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