Diary of an Equine Mum

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sindy And Her Horse: 1976

On my site hay-net.co.uk there is a great forum topic at the moment where everyone is talking about their early childhood memories with horses. It brought it back to me today about when my lovely dad (who I miss terribly) bought me in 1976, a Sindy and her horse. I was in hospital for a few days having my adenoids out which seemed to be fashionable I think to whip them out in the seventies. I remember clearly sitting in bed coming round and all groggy from the anaethestic, with my dad beside my bed holding a big Gamleys bag.
Imagine my utter delight when I saw inside a Sindy and her horse. It was just like this one posted here. I honestly think that this was the first sign of me getting the horse bug. I played for hours with Sindy and the kit that came with it. This came complete with a red curry comb, a nose bag, bucket, broom and a rosette!
Sindy's Horse I think I had was black, and if I remember rightly I think the legs moved and he had a tail and mane of hair!  I'm sure mine was like the picture below. The one in the picture on the left seems to be a dark bay colour and has a plastic moulded mane and tail.
After looking on the internet today this was Sindy's new riding outfit which they launched in 1976. 'Riding Out' was an outfit with wide legged style jodhpurs in a light cotton fawn, teamed up with a lovely rich yellow cotton ribbed top with turtle neck! How fashionable you were Sindy! She also wore black riding boots which I remember were a complete pain to get off and on again.

Anyway I have enjoyed remembering Sindy today and her lovely riding outfits! How many of you were Sindy fans? Mind you if you admit to having a Sindy like I have, it shows our age!!

A Dose Of Football, Followed By Drinks & Pasta!

Stephen had some tickets going for the Brighton games against Ipswich yesterday, so decided to go with our fab friends Jo and Archie and make a day of it.  As always there was lots of testosterone chanting, together with the effing and jeffing, wafts of different aftershaves together with meat pies smells! This is honestly the smells that remind me of that football ground .

Luckily it was a lovely day, crisp cold but sunny, so we weren't being drowned by rain which also adds to the loveliness of watching football!  Stephen said I sould go more often because every time I've been to the Amex, Brighton have won having a 3-0 win over Ipswich. (No I won't be making a habit of going every week - I'll stick to the equine hobby in my life thanks!) After the game we headed to the bar at the ground which was about 30 deep to the bar, so decided to head into Brighton. We then just wandered the lanes having drinks in the many diverse bars and pubs that are in Brighton.

We then went to Donatellos at the bottom of the lanes which was absolutely heaving. This restaurant is the sponsor on the back of the Brighton shirts so decided to have a meal there. Well at last a restaurant that seems to have got it so right, good food, excellent service and so reasonably priced! No wonder it has people queuing out the door to get in there. Anyway we had a lovely bowl of pasta each and were stuffed so decided to cab it back to the car. Just makes a nice change to make the effort to go out. Now the boys are older, we are lucky we don't have to worry about babysitters anymore.

Happy days :0)

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Heartfelt Thoughts & Billy's Ski Trip

It is terrible news about the coach that crashed in France at the weekend, killing a well loved teacher and injuring many pupils from the school in Worcestershire. Billy spent last week in Goldegg, Austria with his school year skiing and snowboarding. Being a mum, I did worry about anything happening to him and his friends, would he break any bones but I also did worry about something happening to the coach with him, his friends and teachers travelling in it. 

Their coach journey was shared by two drivers but it was for nearly 24 hours each way. That is a long time to drive even between two drivers. I feel just awful for the parents, fellow teachers that are affected by this crash but I feel   for the coach drivers too. But then if he was feeling tired he should of stopped, but what if time was against him to catch a ferry so he could get these children back. Something needs to be looked into about this, as this very thought of the length of driving did cross my mind last week, before this crash.

Obviously I felt huge relief when I got the call from Billy that he had arrived back at the school entrance on Saturday afternoon, all safe and sound.  There was a couple of broken wrists among them, but all in all they had a fantastic time. With Billy leaving school soon, I'm glad he went and spent a week with his school friends because that is all going to be ending.....

My heartfelt thoughts go to the pupils, teachers and parents that have been affected by this terrible coach crash but also to the coach driver too who I imagine is totally devastated by what has happened.....

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Slipping And Sliding And Birthday Cakes

Well as I write I have not long been in from mucking the horses out in -8 conditions. Its been such a bitter week with night times falling to -10 here in Sussex.... I have battled with driving and getting about to the yard as the lanes have not been gritted so you are driving on compact ice, slipping and sliding all over the place!

So Zeb had his shoes back on last Friday and I've ridden him once. It is so dangerous out on the yard and the lanes it would be treacherous to ride. There seems to be no sign of it going away, tomorrow is meant to be a tropical 1 deg but I cannot see that making it a full thaw.

Anyway, I will not moaning because on the positive the sky has been a brilliant blue with the sun shining which makes it lovely out there. At the beginning of the week, I parked at the top of the lane and walked down to the yard - in the glorious crispy sunshine:

The week also has been dominated by family birthdays. Steve's mum was 81 this week, and then his sister hit 60 too!! I cannot believe she is that age. We went for a meal at the Blackboys which was lovely. My sisters birthday is next week too and she is sliding down to 40...... The years are slip and sliding us by!

Monday, 6 February 2012

A Ginger Hairy Beast Seen In The Snow!

Well I feel I must do the token post about all the snow we have had in Sussex in the last couple of days. The main concern yesterday was to sort the horses out who were tucked in their shaving beds on Saturday as the sky dumped it's white blanket!

We must of have had about 6 inches of snow overnight. My friend Sue and her trust 4x4 picked me up yesterday morning to get to the yard. We crawled down the lane in untouched snow which the car seemed happy about. It's amazing how quiet snow make everything. It was absolutely silent when we got to the yard...until the horses saw us and complained about waiting for some more food!
As you can see I gave Zeb some breakfast and as a treat at the end he had some bread crusts that I bought down for him. Very well received as you can see. I really enjoy sorting the horses out in the snow and being in the fresh air! I think the horses enjoy being out in the snow too!

Anyway the snow can go now - lovely as it has been, the novelty has warn off today and I've got things to do and people to see! Roll on spring..... Hey Zeb