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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Possibly One Of The Scariest Things I've Had To Do!

I have just done one of the scariest things ever (for me) - I've just been interviewed live on an American radio show..... I was asked to appear about ten days ago to talk about Haynet which is all out of my comfort zone really!

I think it went ok, a couple of minor errors in my eyes but in general I hope it went well. I just want to listen to it so I can probably cringe a bit more. Is it just me but are we not so over critical about ourselves!?

I will try and find the link tomorrow and post it on here for you all to have a listen.... Filming this weekend is the next hurdle with Zeb to do with the ESMA 2012 nominations. I would never have dreamt all of this 6 months ago!

Added 1st February:  Here is the link HORSES IN THE MORNING INTERVIEW

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  1. I can imagine that must have been very nerve wracking.

    Congrats :)