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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Nominated For An Award....Not Me Surely?

Well I have been in a bit of a bubble since last night. My equine blogging network that I set up in September has been nominated for two awards: Best Blog and Best Newcomer. I am staggered!
I only had the idea for this network back in the middle of August. I honestly couldn't believe there was no central place for people that write equestrian blogs to post their blogs and meet other like minded mad horsey writers. So I set up Haynet (hay-net.co.uk) on a bit of a wimb and it went live 1st September.
I have been thrilled with the amount of bloggers that have embraced the site and also the way it has introduced riders to the world of blogging which has encouraged them to start. I have made some great friends on there too, so lets hope 2012 will see Haynet evolve and grow to bigger things.
If you fancy placing a vote for me - come and click on the link below and tick categories 16 and 17 for Haynet:


I am not expecting to win, just to be nominated is good enough for me! Funny how things change in your life when you are least expecting them......

PS Only problem with having this network to run, my own blog gets neglected. I promise to post a bit more often - honest!

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