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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Coughs, Colds, and Daffodils Memories

Well we all seem to have something wrong with us all at the moment. Not just us, the animals as well. Billy is off school today as has got a very thick cold. He is wrapped up in his quilt on the sofa watching Avatar as we speak.

I haven't been feeling myself either, I've had really bad indigestion and heartburn for days now. Just about to diagnose myself with stomach ulcers when I have heard that a couple of others have had the same symptoms too - weird bug if this is one! I am now consuming bananas and yoghurts by the bucketful as it seems to be the only thing that eases it....deep joy!

Zeb has been boxed rested for two weeks too. He had terrible mud fever on the front legs. Alot of his fur has come away too, leaving very sore legs - poor thing! Anyway he seemed to be happy as larry being indoors with limited dry turnout in the yard. I finally put him out in the field on Friday expecting fireworks as he went through the gate...and no just went to the muddiest patch he could find, rolled got up and then wandered off to eat some more hay.

Today it is freezing cold and pouring with icy rain. Just horrible. At least January is coming to an end. The daffodils are just starting to come through which is a very pleasing site!
Just think we are now heading out of the winter now, just need to get February out the way and then we should see all the buds coming out and hopefully the sun shining! Daffodils always remind me when me and Stephen got married which was in March. We had daffodils everywhere at our wedding. We celebrated last week 20 years of being together - 20 years!! Luckily we have had a good 20 years with more "ups" than "downs" so consider ourselves very lucky. I think its quite an achievement these days to stay together that long! So here's to another 20 years!!

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