Diary of an Equine Mum

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Possibly One Of The Scariest Things I've Had To Do!

I have just done one of the scariest things ever (for me) - I've just been interviewed live on an American radio show..... I was asked to appear about ten days ago to talk about Haynet which is all out of my comfort zone really!

I think it went ok, a couple of minor errors in my eyes but in general I hope it went well. I just want to listen to it so I can probably cringe a bit more. Is it just me but are we not so over critical about ourselves!?

I will try and find the link tomorrow and post it on here for you all to have a listen.... Filming this weekend is the next hurdle with Zeb to do with the ESMA 2012 nominations. I would never have dreamt all of this 6 months ago!

Added 1st February:  Here is the link HORSES IN THE MORNING INTERVIEW

Monday, 30 January 2012

Childhood Memories Being Knocked Down This Week

I spent my childhood growing up in Horam through the 1970's and 1980's where the village was dominated by the Merrydown Wine and Cider factory. I have never known Horam without Merrydown and the smells of fermenting apples, and a yeasty and sugary smell reminds me strongly of growing up in the village.

So many villagers worked at the site and in its heyday - it was a valuable part of the community. Sadly about 5 years ago now, Merrydown shut this site and moved production to elsewhere in the UK. The site has fallen into decay with lots of vandalism sadly and over the last two weeks, it has been completely demolished. It was so sad to drive past it today with all the buildings, the ciders vats all gone - just rubble. I feel like part of my childhood has gone with it..... Apparently there are plans in the pipeline to build 70+ houses on it. How the village will cope with this influx of all these people will be interesting to see.

Then as I drove past the demolished site today, a few miles up the road I then drove past the local Waldron Church Hall. This is where Billy and Miles went to playschool and that was being knocked down too! I can't believe it, I have such fond memories of being there watching the boys do their Nativity Plays, Summer Fetes and picnics under the apple trees in the back garden. So, so sad... Again this is having some more faceless houses being built on it.

As I said such fond memories are being bulldozed down this week - how sad....

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Coughs, Colds, and Daffodils Memories

Well we all seem to have something wrong with us all at the moment. Not just us, the animals as well. Billy is off school today as has got a very thick cold. He is wrapped up in his quilt on the sofa watching Avatar as we speak.

I haven't been feeling myself either, I've had really bad indigestion and heartburn for days now. Just about to diagnose myself with stomach ulcers when I have heard that a couple of others have had the same symptoms too - weird bug if this is one! I am now consuming bananas and yoghurts by the bucketful as it seems to be the only thing that eases it....deep joy!

Zeb has been boxed rested for two weeks too. He had terrible mud fever on the front legs. Alot of his fur has come away too, leaving very sore legs - poor thing! Anyway he seemed to be happy as larry being indoors with limited dry turnout in the yard. I finally put him out in the field on Friday expecting fireworks as he went through the gate...and no just went to the muddiest patch he could find, rolled got up and then wandered off to eat some more hay.

Today it is freezing cold and pouring with icy rain. Just horrible. At least January is coming to an end. The daffodils are just starting to come through which is a very pleasing site!
Just think we are now heading out of the winter now, just need to get February out the way and then we should see all the buds coming out and hopefully the sun shining! Daffodils always remind me when me and Stephen got married which was in March. We had daffodils everywhere at our wedding. We celebrated last week 20 years of being together - 20 years!! Luckily we have had a good 20 years with more "ups" than "downs" so consider ourselves very lucky. I think its quite an achievement these days to stay together that long! So here's to another 20 years!!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Nominated For An Award....Not Me Surely?

Well I have been in a bit of a bubble since last night. My equine blogging network that I set up in September has been nominated for two awards: Best Blog and Best Newcomer. I am staggered!
I only had the idea for this network back in the middle of August. I honestly couldn't believe there was no central place for people that write equestrian blogs to post their blogs and meet other like minded mad horsey writers. So I set up Haynet (hay-net.co.uk) on a bit of a wimb and it went live 1st September.
I have been thrilled with the amount of bloggers that have embraced the site and also the way it has introduced riders to the world of blogging which has encouraged them to start. I have made some great friends on there too, so lets hope 2012 will see Haynet evolve and grow to bigger things.
If you fancy placing a vote for me - come and click on the link below and tick categories 16 and 17 for Haynet:


I am not expecting to win, just to be nominated is good enough for me! Funny how things change in your life when you are least expecting them......

PS Only problem with having this network to run, my own blog gets neglected. I promise to post a bit more often - honest!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

This Lack Of Riding Is Not Good For My Waistline!

I had all good intentions of writing a New Years Day post, but we are now the 5th January and here I am, a little late! I celebrated the New Year with friends at a local pub which friends are running. Its the first time in years that I have gone out, we have always gone round to friends houses for a party. Even though I enjoyed myself, I think I will have a bash at home next year......

Anyway we have been bashed with winter storms it seems since midnight struck on Saturday. Having the horses has been hard work battling with the elements. Putting my jods back on at the weekend was a bit of a squeeze....the Christmas pudding and the tub of Pringles seems to be sitting around my middle. So I am now on a strict detox - no carbs and been on it for 2 days now and haven't cheated as feel so much better. I feel lighter (which is a good feeling) and more energy. So lets see how long this lasts!

Its the lack of exercise too that has been taking it's toll. I went for a hack out last weekend for the first time in three weeks. This wasn't on Zeb - this was my friends lovely cob Shamus. It was weird getting back in the saddle again after riding 3/4 times a week normally. We only went for a little wander out and guess what my thighs were aching the next day.... How quickly you get out of shape! This Haynet Fit To Ride Club is going to be a good thing for me, with my waistline protesting at the lack of riding and the Xmas indulge!

The weather obviously has been a huge factor in the lack of hitting the saddle. I can count probably on one hand the mornings where is had been not lashing with wind and rain. I will confess I am probably a fair weather rider - I can't bear getting soaked to the skin for no reason. Remember Zeb is a woosey warmblood and I know he prefers to keep warm and dry! I suppose we are both well suited - both wooseys..... Zeb is more or less out of action at the moment as he has his shoes off. I always take them off in Dec/Jan time to give his feet a break and it also eliminates the guilt in not riding due to weather and lack of time with Xmas and work.
Anyway we are nearly into our first week of January. Zebs shoes go on at the end of this month, so I will be back to it and riding. It is actually quite nice having a break because I really look forward to getting back in my horses saddle again. Hopefully weather permitting I shall borrow Shamus again and we can hit the road again on Saturday morning. 

Roll On Spring!