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Friday, 23 December 2011

The Usual 3am Alarm Call on Xmas Eve Eve!

It happens every year, I am up at the very early hours on the 23rd December.... Why I here you ask?! It's because I am married to a butcher, that's why!
Stephen always takes time off from his Meat Inspectors job to help his good friend in our local butchers. Its a week of extreme hard work and long hours in the run up to Christmas. Today though is THE day in the butchers trade as everyone comes in and collects their turkeys, hams, beef joints etc etc This is no joke, customers start queuing at 5am to collect their orders. Its all a bit mad really...

So Stephen got up at just before 3am to go off to work. I heard him get up and for some reason I cannot get back to sleep and as I said it happens every year.
So spare a thought for everyone working hard this year to make your Christmas, shop owners/staff, supermarket staff and many many others...but especially for those BUTCHERS out there!

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