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Monday, 19 December 2011

A Trip To Olympia

Well after a busy few days, I have finally got a little time to blog about my fab trip up to Olympia on Friday. I woke to bitter, icy conditions in the South East yesterday and catching the train at Haywards Heath watching the snow come down. I suppose it all adds to the Christmas atmosphere but didn't really fancy being stuck in London due to ice on the rails! Isnt it funny how you can tell just by sitting on the train up to London, those sitting with their Toggi bodywarmers and their Dublin boots that they were off to the London International Horse Show!!
Well the atmosphere certainly lifted after walking through the doors of the show! It was packed with people. We hit the shopping village first and I had a good look round all the stands. They all seemed busy and money exchanging hands so the recession didnt look to be stopping people buying their horses anything! I obviously made a small purchase for  my horse (well me actually). I bought a lovely sheepskin seat saver. Well getting on in years now, we do feel the cold so I cannot wait to put my backside on that sheepskin cover when I next  ride out! 
We went into the hall to take a look at the carriage drivers warm up their horses. Such wonderful animals working in a team, a joy to watch! After a quick bite to eat we went back in to the arena to watch the Extreme Carriage Driving.
It was just brilliant! Not a sphere of horse riding that I am familiar with, but a total skill that is just fantastic to watch! Hats off to these carriage drivers!
After the carriage driving has finished it was the dog display team, so we thought we would nip out back to the shopping as my friends had some things to get. I'm afraid we got so side tracked in the shopping that we then missed the Lusitano Horses, Shetland Grand National and Lorenzo the Flying Frenchman......How bad are we!

We did however see the Christmas Cracker Showjumping Competition (which I loved). Such fantastic showjumpers dealing with a tricky course and massive jumps! Well done to Manual Anon who won the competition after an exciting jump off.
The Christmas finale was as usual a great Christmas tradition at Olympia with Father Christmas coming out in his sleigh which the crowd loved. It certainly put everyone in the Christmas spirit! All in all Olympia is a fab day out. I did what I believe is called a bit of "networking" and spoke to a few interesting people about Haynet. So let's see what 2012 will bring!

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