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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Perhaps Flippers Will Be On My Shopping List This Week

Well what a day I had yesterday! After my teenage sons driving me insane by not finding anything this morning and then missing the bus to school, I arrived at the yard looking like a tsunami had swept through it.
The wind and rain last night was pretty relentless. Our fields are steep with the stables situated at the bottom of them. The drainage is normally fairly good but I think the rain was so bad, the fields were still firm it just swept down the hill into the stables!
The yard itself was covered in a brown silt everywhere and water. Shamus and Zeb whose stables sit adjacent to the fields were swamped with water. Shamus stable was worse, full of water and he had been standing in it all night. Zeb's stable too was pretty grim and my main grumble was that I had used 3 new bales at the weekend to give him a nice fluffy bed. This was all now ruined.
The feed room was full of water with new bales of shavings sitting in the dirty water...... The hay barn also had some damage with some newley delivered hay was wet which had to be thrown out. Luckily we had some of the bales on palletts so that was ok.
So deep joy all in all! Took us 3 and half hours to clear the boxes of the wet shavings, clean all the drains out and then sweep up muddy silt. Their stables need to dry out so they are going to have to cope out in the field with the next bout of wind and rain forecast for tonight....
I can't tell you what I must of smelt like - Eau De Drain. When I got in and looked in the mirror it was an alarming sight, mud splattered face with wild hair. This time last year we were coping with a frozen iceland and minus 7 deg - this Christmas its storms and flooding! Poor Zeb and Shamus - perhaps flipper and a snorkle could be on the Olympia shopping list on Friday! Ooh I love having horses in the winter!

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