Diary of an Equine Mum

Saturday, 31 December 2011

Just doing a quick blog post to celebrate the last year and welcome 2012. I have looked back over the last 12 months and have come to the conclusion that 2011 was a good year. 2009/10 were just awful so it was time to have a year  that was on the up!

Writing this blog also has made me look back over the last six months when I started Equine Mum. It is such a good record to look back on and I seem to forget what I did yesterday, let alone what I was doing six months ago. I would never have believed that starting Equine Mum would lead me to starting my own Equine Blogging Network - Haynet and the quick success it has been so far!

So I look forward to 2012 with a lot of optimism and sometimes I believe you make your own luck with positive thinking. I definitely spent 2009/2010 in a gloom with losing my dear dad and it's taken a lot to rise out of that never ending sadness. I entered 2011 in January thinking that it is now onwards and upwards and it has been. I definitely think by being more positive in your outlook, then the more positive things happen in your life. Your life is what YOU make it.

So there is my pearl of wisdom for 2012. I am going to celebrate New Years Eve tonight with good friends at the Blackboys. I wish all my lovely friends and family a Happy and Healthy 2012 - may it be a good one!

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