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Sunday, 11 December 2011

A Christmas Trip To Borough Market

Stephen had a final Saturday off before the big Christmas push that he has working at a butchers over the holiday period to help out. He will start this Thursday and I won't really see him until Christmas Eve....

So as it was such a super weather wise day yesterday, we decided to catch an early train and go up to London. (The boys said no to trip with their mum and dad and lunch out...they look at me like I had two horns growing out of my head when I asked them...) It was bitterly cold yesterday only about 1 deg but there wasn't a cloud in the sky just bright winter sunshine. Borough Market is only a short walk from London Bridge Station and it was heaving with people! It was so Christmassy though - lots of Christmas trees for sale, mistletoe everywhere. Lots of stalls had chestnuts roasting, mulled wine and whiskey bubbling away. You couldnt smell a more Christmassy aroma and have an atmosphere like this market was yesterday!

We bought some lovely goodies to take home but the most interesting thing we bought was some wild buffalo and ostrich burgers. We are going to cook them today for dinner so very intrigued to see what they taste like. We stayed about an hour and half at the market and then did the long walk along the Thames up to Covent Garden. That again was so busy but what fantastic Christmas atmosphere!
What a great day we had, we ended up have a glass of wine and a pizza then decided to catch the afternoon train home. This has been one of the best Christmas days out that I have had in many years. You can bring Christmas on now as I am officially looking forward to it!!

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