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Friday, 18 November 2011

Zeb Was Mr Grumpy Today!

I think horses have grumpy days, don't you? He is all fine, it's nothing underlying or anything wrong with him - he is was just having a grumpy morning!

He has been left out in the field for a few days with lots of hay and water with his mates, but he hasn't had his snooze in the stables for a couple of days. All of us have been busy with work at the yard so we have turned them out for 48 hours and I don't think this has gone down with the Belgium one.... He was standing at the gate with a complete face on!

Grooming him and tacking him up didn't please him too much either. Face pulling was on top form today. Once out on the hack, he changed back to his normal self and was much happier. Zeb is bit of a stickler for routine and he hasn't had his chill out time in the stable which I think he misses. It's hard work entertaining your friends in the field for hours on end!

Anyway I left him this morning after the ride in his bed, a bit of breakfast and now a happy chappy. Little does he know that it is lesson time tomorrow....perhaps I will have a "face on" instead!

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