Diary of an Equine Mum

Monday, 14 November 2011

Lunging The Belgium Idiot

Having had a lunging lesson about 10 days ago, Zeb behaved perfectly in this lesson , no bucking, bronching nothing. It would have probably looked to my instructor that I was making up the problems that I had been having!
This morning with the grey and murky weather, decided against hacking out so thought would put my new lunging techniques to the test. I decided (probably in hindsight the wrong this to do) to just lunge him in his bridle, no roller or saddle. Anyway it all started so well. It was all quite calm to begin with, forwarded going walk, lovely energetic trot. I then asked him to go wide around the whole school and again all fine. After about 10 minutes of this perfect lunging, we then changed the rein. Again all calm and working well. I then asked him to go wide around the school and walking up to the top corner of the school, he grew from 17.2hh to 24hh and then decided to take off, bronching and bucking....
Deep joy! I'm hanging on the end of all these idiotic shannagans!  Anway I put him straight into a circle and he started bronching again, eventually calming down as I bought him away from the top end of the school.N ow our top end of the school is flush against some woods full of deer - it is known as the spooky end. He works brilliantly on both reins at the other end of the school!! Anyway calmness resumed working down the other end of the school. So I thought he has got to go back up the school again and do some calm lunging to finish on. I cannot let him get away with his idiotic behaviour. So we walked wide again, my friend Sue came up the path to come in with her horse once I finished and started to watch. Well started to watch more idiotic behaviour - he started again acting like a complete idiot! Once away from that spooky end, then he calmed down. I managed to get a circle out of him 3/4 up the school and I ended it not long after that....
So next time I am going to put on his kit and kaboodle on and hopefully perhaps he may respect that having all that on is work. My thoughts are that he see's it as a mickey take without his saddle on. 
Who knows what goes on in his Flemish little mind!


  1. hi there- just came over to say thanks for your comments on my blog, I had a look at your horsey network site - looks like fun but alas I hate having to spend any extra time at the computer!

    Good luck with Zeb, they do like to keep you on your toes don't they!

  2. At least your horse didn't take off on you as mine does on the lunge sometimes when he's being naughty. Seems they always have an end they don't like.
    Thanks for the comments on my blog :)