Diary of an Equine Mum

Friday, 4 November 2011

I Dedicate This Post To Our Hay Man - Andrew!

I just wanted to write about our friendly reliable farmer Andrew who delivers our hay for us. We were looking a bit low on hay this morning and also the horses are coming in starving - grass is no more..... So we decide to have three large round bales delivered, two in the barn and one in the field.
We decide this at 8.45am and within the hour, his green tractor is chugging up the lane with three bales for us! He pops one in the hay feeder in the field and then with our help , pushes two into our hay store. He even unwraps it and forks it all in for us! It would be such a struggle without him and he never lets our yard down. He fixes fences, unblocks drains, cut hedges, and generally runs about after us! He has even been known to turn up with cakes for us providing a cup of tea is made to go with it!
So "three cheers"  to these great unsung hero's the farmers who work so hard, all year round to look after and provide for their animals on his farm and ours. Andrew is our unsung hero!


  1. Hurray for Andrew! Wow...I've never heard of a hay man who brings cakes too. Andrew is one of a kind. You are fortunate.

  2. You need to look after Andrew, he sounds like one in a million. Our farmer does nothing but moan about the amount of water and electricity we use! As far getting fences fixed - forget it, we do that ourselves!

    Can I be cheeky and ask how much you pay for your round bales? I was thinking of teaming up with my field buddies and getting some for our field for the winter