Diary of an Equine Mum

Monday, 28 November 2011

Haynet Is Going From Strength to Strength!

I am having some exciting times with Haynet at the moment. For those of you that don't know I am the owner and founder of Haynet UK's No1 Equine Social Blogging Network (hay-net.co.uk). Since setting the network up at the end of August this year, the site has gone from strength to strength and I am thrilled with the response to it.

Social Go who I use to platform hay-net.co.uk have redesigned Haynet for me and now use my webpage as their customer example as they have been so pleased with the way Haynet has grown over the last few months. I am in Equi-Ad this week and Ireland Horse and Pony are running an article in January about Social Equine Blogging which I am so looking forward to seeing.

Even more mind blowing is that I have been put forward to be nominated for the Equestrian Social Media Awards later this month. Voting starts on the 15th December for potentially three categories: Best Newcomer,  Best Blog and Best Social Network!!! I cannot believe it! The voting is 30% public and 60% board so I am just happy to be nominated which is good for me!

I will keep you posted, my blog has been a bit neglected as Haynet takes us a lot of my time at the moment. What a way to be ending 2011 and I have real ambitious hopes for hay-net.co.uk for 2012!


  1. You've done good work with Haynet - it's a very nice site and great community - even for those of us from the States!

  2. (Remind us again when it's time to vote . . . )

  3. Thank's Nova - I will ring your very soon and a right old catch up! Kate - it's the members that make the site work too and yes I will be plugging voting in a couple of weeks! :0)

  4. Haynet sounds like a really good resource, i will have to check it out and become a member, congratulations on the nomination. It is nice when your hard work pays off!