Diary of an Equine Mum

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Cricket Dinner - My Those Boys Have Grown!

We had the annual cricket dinner on Saturday night where I had to endure long speeches on match statistics for the last season and hear who has won what and why and when! It was however a rare occasion that we went out as a family and eat out. We don't seem to do this much these days as the boys seem to have their own social lives and also we seem to kiss goodbye to about £100 if we go out to eat with them!
Miles won a couple of awards (sorry I forgot what something to do with bowling I think) and as I watched him walk up to collect his trophies I couldn't believe how grown up all of a sudden my baby boys have got!
Billy (above on the left) was award less this year but all the same had a good cricket season this year and had a good night. He has grown up too, they are both now taller than Stephen which obviously makes me feel a midget! Where has those 16 years gone.... Times are a changing....

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