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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Which 6th Form That Is The Question??

We are now over the next few weeks looking at 6th Forms for Billy to go to next September. He still wants to be an architect so we know we are looking ahead of years of studying and to decide where. The obvious choice is for Billy to go on to the 6th Form that his current school offers. His school is brilliant for up to Year 11 but I have my reservations for him to stay on there.

The majority of his friends are planning to go to College and study vocational courses and not many of them are staying on. I have had friends children in the past few years that have stayed on at the current school and have really struggled with it from a studying and social aspect. 6th Form is totally different to school. I have had reports that the tuition is quite erratic and are told to study on their own accord, which I know Billy will struggle to get motivated especially as its only a 15 minute walk home. I can see him "studying" at home on his XBox....

Now my choice is for him to attend a 6th Form College which is 17 miles away. It has a wide range of courses and I think they treat the students in a more adult manner and the way of life is totally geared towards A Levels with structured study etc. We are taking him to look at the College next Monday so we will see whether he likes it.

Very "Catch 22" situation... Does he goes for the safe option and stay on at his current school which does not offer the different subject choice and a structured adult way of learning...or does he go to the College where he will probably know no one (to begin with) but offers the better education. I think I will have to grit my teeth and let him make the decision himself...I just hope it's the choice that I want for him!

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