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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Spooky Horses Today! It's Only An Umbrella!

Been out on a hack out this morning with Zeb and Sue on Shamus. It's much milder today with a bit of wind, but it was a lovely ride out with the fab autumn trees and their changing colours but....
...we had spooky horses today. Funny how some days you ride out and see things in your eyes that you think they are going to have a turn at, and they don't! Shamus was on the look out for anything today that was going to leap out and get him. We went up this quite shady bridleway which comes out on a busy main road. A house on this bridleway has had a lot of work being done to it and they have ripped out all the hedgerow so it's totally open...for the horses to see everything! Now our boys were not impressed with this house owners new purchase of a yellow patio umbrella!. Shamus started going backwards, sideways - he was having none of it. Then with the wind blowing the umbrella....they were sure it was coming to get them! I pushed Zeb forward to go past, he grew from 17.2 to 22.2 and snorting.
I wouldn't be too worried about it normally it was just that we were about 25 yards from a busy main road. They have only got to take off and we would of had it.... In my head I'm thinking don't take off, I don't fancy joining the traffic at 50 mph....but I'm having to "act" calmness to Zeb and pussy foot round him with my calm "good boy" voice and it's only an umbrella! Anyway we got past it, 22 hands  tall but we got past it.
We got to the road and crossed it fine. (Thank the lord!) Next spook was Zeb picking his way (as he does) down a steep hill and then somebody came out and threw a bag into their bin and slammed the lid down behind the hedge! Great - thanks for that! Legs everywhere and now he is running down the hill......
We came across rattly trailers and mattresses dumped again by the side of the lane - and that was all fine in Zeb and Shamus's eyes, no problems at all. I have said this before on here - hazardous hacking....I think the most dangerous in the many spheres of riding that there is!

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