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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Schooling?! I'd Rather Go To Sleep Thanks!

Schooling - I'd Rather Go To Sleep Thanks!
Well this picture is of my "energetic" warmblood sums up the struggles that I have schooling this bladdy horse of mine! I was in a very positive schooling mood this morning. New things to try and motivate him, lots of serpentines,  changing transitions to wake him up and some pole work. Well, it was like trying to do dressage on a giant snail! I mean I was up early this morning so perhaps he had a busy night. Now there is nothing wrong with this horse and I can imagine some of you are thinking there is an underlying problem here.
Believe you me this horse can crank round a field flat out, and turn on a sixpence! Also the motivation leaps to gold star when he is on the homeward trot on a hack out. When schooling he does get going in the end..... by this time I am flaked out and on the point of collapse! Oh well lesson on Saturday, can't wait!

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  1. Sounds like my horse Blue! I did a post recently about how poor mistreated Blue refuses to work and got lots of good ideas on how to perk him up. I understand how it feels to be on a lazy horse, we're working on changing his attitude.