Diary of an Equine Mum

Friday, 7 October 2011

More Like Hazardous Hacking!

Happy Hacking! More like Hazardous Hacking! Why do we sometimes feel a bit unaccepted in the horse world when you are "just" a Happy Hacker? When someone asks me what do you do with your horse, well I'm just a happy hacker actually, its like its something to be ashamed of!! Well it shouldnt be - hacking is dangerous and hazardous but I think one of the most enjoyable aspects of horse riding.
We should all be given rosettes and awards for the daily hazards we have to encounter hacking on the lanes, roads, fields and bridleways. This morning hack out with Sue and Flick was probably a usual one. Just left the yard and came across two deer sitting up in a woodland bank staring at us. Now Zeb has had a major adversion to deer in the past, but with age and stupidity he has learnt not to do a runner every time he sees them. Lucky for us the deer didn't decide to spring in front of us, and were happy for us to pass.
Apart from dealing with speedy cars, short cutting through the lanes which is the norm, the next mini drama was a new friend we aquired while riding past a large livery yard. A lovely collie X whippet puppy decided to come and join us for the ride. We tried to shoo her back, she wasnt having any of it, so we turned back to get her home. We told by one of the liveries that she would be fine and would go up the drive of the house below....yeah right, she was having none of it and followed us, running under the horse legs all the way down the hill. Decided to trot away from her up the hill, she ran with us. So at the top of the hill, Sue got off, found the telephone number on her dog tag and rang the owner. She promptyly appeared collected her new puppy Tilly, and said she did the same thing yesterday.......
So we continued on our usual route to then across yet another hazard in a horses eyes....a dumped cooker in a field entrance. Well  I did some bomb proofing training with Zeb and made him go straight up to it. He was absolutely fine, and I thought he would be walking around it like a banana! I was waiting for a crisp packet to blow past in the wind and then he would go to pieces!
So all in all just another normal hack out today. It just made me realise that "Hats Off" to all Happy Hackers - where can I collect my Happy Hackers rosette!


  1. You are so RIGHT ON!!!
    AND it is true about some arena only riders...you Know, given the chance they'd still stay inside and not venture out ,to hack on some pristene( without stoves and such) trail. WHY?? Cause hacking is dangerious!

    Loved Zeb nonchalantly looking at that stove. What a good boy, tackling the world it soynds, by the descriptions of all that!
    Hacking by name sounds wreckless, unproductive..but it is be far the best way to connect to your horse. It adds such stability to your independent seat and leg.

    Your Zeb is such a star! I'm.going to enjoy getting to know you and he and your family.

    Kacy and Wa mare
    If you change your comments to "pop-up" window instead of " embedded " form on pahe I may visit more often..Im using my smart phone now...but will be able to use computer at home.

  2. I absolutely agree! There are innumerable potential dangers to encounter whilst 'happy' hacking. Good for Zeb accepting the random cooker as though it was a normal part of the English countryside!