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Friday, 21 October 2011

Let's Talk About My Other Babies Now!

We found some pictures of the boys the other day in their pre-school days. These photo's were taken around 1999/2000 and my "baby" Miles is the one with tractor jumper on. (It does look like a stain on his jumper, probably Petit Filous as they were brought up on the stuff!) Where have those years gone? My babies are now talking about what party they are going to next, they are surgically attached to their Blackberries - but they have reverted back to having a hourly feed...at great cost to this household!
This is Billy in the blue jumper at milk time at pre-school, probably around 1998 too. Those were the days when the mums used to help out. I used to go and help, I remember it being a few hours of being run ragged by the little tikes but I have fond memories of it now, looking back.I now know that times have really changed and the pre-schools now are run far more rigidly than they were when my boys were at school. I sometimes wonder whether this is a good thing or not. There was no real targets in those days and the children did just what they should be doing...playing. Good times!

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