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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Everybody Is Moving!

With all this talk of the housing market slumping to new depths - I'm beginning to wonder if this is all a bit of media hype! Some of my friends and family are all on the move! I went and saw my dear friend Gail today and she was amongst packing boxes as moving 7 miles away with her family. She put her 5 bed house on the market in August and sold it straight away and now moving on Tuesday. She said today that there are 5 houses that have sold quickly in the last few months..... She has been there 9 years and we stood looking out on the garden today thinking of the last 9 years and the lovely memories of all our children who played out there, climbed the trees....all grown up now. Jasmin, Gail's eldest daughter passed her driving test yesterday...I still remember her in her Silver Cross pram!

My other dear friend of over 30 years or more now, Rhonda is moving this weekend too! She is moving back to the country as she has found a cheaper place to run. It needs alot doing to it so she has spent her 42nd birthday this week, painting, painting and painting to get the place up to scratch before they move in. I went and saw her last Friday and she was surrounded by packing boxes too. Both Gail and Rhonda have reminded me what a nightmare and work it is to physically move house. We all have so much stuff these days! I'm going to see Rhonda tomorrow at the new cottage to have a nose!

My sister is currently in the process of moving too. She sold up in Lamberhurst about 6 months ago and has temporarily moved in with mum. It did take her about a year to sell the house so thought it would be easier to move in with mum to find the right house in Eastbourne. I don't think it has been a particularly easy search, as price and location does dictate! Anyway she has found a lovely 4 bed turn of the century town house, which needs a bit of doing up in the centre of town. She is just going through the boring motions of getting the mortgage offer etc etc and hopes to definitely be in by Christmas.

Now Mum has decided when Josephine moves out - she is going to move! The house will start getting too much for her now she is on her own, so she needs to down size. She wants to move down to the coast, Pevensey being a favourite. So more house hunting and packing will be going on next year.

So what about me and my family - are we going to move? Well not for now. We want to see the boys into further education and see what their future plans will be....so give it another 3-5 years and I reckon we will be on the move too!

So don't be too fooled by the housing market gloom and doom...I think there are rumblings that its getting off the ground...at last!

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