Diary of an Equine Mum

Monday, 3 October 2011

Can I Have Your ID Please?

This is my "baby" Miles...he is only just 14 and in Year 10. Why oh why do the bus drivers keep asking him for ID in the mornings when he is getting on the bus with a large group of kids, all in the same uniform? He had it a few times in the summer holidays in his normal clothes and ended up paying adult bus fares, so I said yep we must sort out some ID.....I still haven't got round to doing it, so must get on to it!
This morning again, he was asked for ID. His reply to the bus driver...my ID is my school uniform. The bus driver snarled at him and let him on reluctantly. We did have a laugh tonight when Miles said what he really wanted to say to the bus driver was "Do you think that I am some adult weirdo that dresses up in a school uniform to save a couple of quid on the bus fare!"
We did laugh!

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