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Friday, 23 September 2011

Where Are The Years Going?!

I went out last night and celebrated my super friends Janet's .......60th Birthday! I cannot believe she is 60. We worked together 12 years ago at Vauxhall in Customer Services which was a good working time in my life.  I was pregnant with Miles and Billy was just over a year when Vauxhall took me on, on a temporary contract. I was stunned to start a job 4 months pregnant, but they were not worried as long as the job was being done. I wonder how many companies would do that today! After Miles was born, I went back for one morning a week to begin with when he was 6 weeks old and then spent 4 years there in a part time position - increasing my hours as the boys got a bit older.
I made great friends there, including Janet and I worked with my dear old friend Gail (from my Goldwell days) who pulled a few strings to get me the job. These years are just whipping past and I'm now (cough) in my very early 40's and friends who I worked with are now hitting their 50's and 60's.
It's my mum's birthday next week and she is going to be 67. She said yesterday as we were arranging her birthday she didn't think she would make 65!! Oh well mum, you are on a winning bonus now..... Days, weeks, months just pass with the constant calender turning. Seasons to me seem to merge into two instead of four a year now.
Anyway, I wish Janet well into her new decade. I told her 60 is the new 50, which is great as I must be perceived to be in my 30's then - result!

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