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Sunday, 11 September 2011

A Very Sobering Day

Bronze Wall Memorial At Ground Zero
I was very fortunate to visit Ground Zero last year on a trip to mark my (cough) 40th birthday.. It was a very sobering place to visit and I was staggered at the enormity of what happened in New York, ten years ago today. You cannot imagine what it must of been like, as those two mega structures came tumbling down with all those poor people inside.... I visited New York on my 30th too, 8 months before 9/11. I bought a painting off a street vendor outside the Twin Towers of the New York skyline, showing clearly those two enormous skyscrapers so prominent to New York.
Miles Aged 13 With The Bronze Statue At Ground Zero

The Everyman Businessman at Ground Zero
I remember quite clearly where I was ten years ago today. I was opening up a clothes shop with my friend Sandra and we were busy painting and decorating the shop before the opening at the beginning of October. Miles (who was just 4) had just started the reception class at school and in those days finished at midday. He came with me down to the shop, to "help" me paint. I had Radio 1 on, and they stopped all the music to broadcast what had just happened. At first, like everyone else, I thought it was just a hideous accident. I went and picked Billy up from school and then turned the TV on when we got home. There I remained for hours, watching in utter disbelief as to what was happening.....
Ground Zero - June 2010
I will remember those who lost their lives, ten years ago today. I love New York, its just a great place to visit. I will probably go for my 50th too, and visit again Ground Zero, the new memorials and see the skyscrapers that have been replaced....however that is a few years away yet.....

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