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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

University.......Is It The Right Route Now?

I've been watching the news this morning about the ever rising costs of going to University which is I know a big topic at the moment. We have a couple of years to think about it with Billy as he starts 6th Form next year, but currently he is planning that he wants to go to Uni as he wants to be an architect. With rising tuition fees at 9K a year and then living costs on top, if Billy does the 7 years required, I cannot even write down what debt he will come out of Uni with...... We have some funds, but do we fund it? What about Miles who at the moment doesn't want to go to Uni but wants to go into training for a skill (unsure as to what), we cant plough money into one and not the other? We would have to fund both children to make it equal.
So these next two years will be a lot of decision making as Miles will be leaving school as well. Jobs and training are few and far between which I "hope" will improve for them in the coming years. I think its a very difficult time for teenagers coming out of the school system and deciding what the right thing is to do. I know many that have gone through University in my day, and they are doing nothing with that qualification now....... 

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  1. Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog. I look forward to reading yours.

    We have our 2nd University student about to graduate, and one who will enter University next year. It is a long, expensive road to help kids get educated and prepared for the world. Good luck with your plans for your children. It's a tough and competitive job market these days.