Diary of an Equine Mum

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Teenage Hilton Hotel Is Shut!

Well the very, very non-profit teenage Hilton Hotel shut its doors today. Yes the free loading hotel for teenagers that I ran for the last six weeks over the summer holidays needs a massive overhaul and refurb. Clothes are strewn everywhere, together with moudly plates and empty crisp packets. The bank account has been ran dry with the never ending handouts to them, the cupboards are bare after feeding B and M together with all their friends. I am typing this post in complete peace and quiet. Its bliss...... No MTV blaring out, or FIFA 11 in the background. No mobile phones ringing or can can you give me a lift and pick up everyone else and drive them around the county! Oh well, roll on 3.30pm when they fall in the door, bags thrown in the corner, shoes chucked and the first words they will utter is...."what's for tea!" Don't you just love them...actually I do x

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