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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Such Blistering Heat!

I cannot believe the blistering heatwave we are having and its October on Saturday. The horses were hot and flustered and it was only 9.30am. Me and Bev decided to pick a shady route out this morning as the sun was so searing. It was beautiful up there, the trees are starting to turn golden but seemed odd when you riding out in 26 deg! We mainly walked and trotted and when we got back Zeb and Shamus were dripping in sweat! Trouble is they are getting wooley now because the previous weeks have been cooler so the coats have got thicker! Do we clip or not? It's a bit early for me, I normally clip Zeb at the end of October.
I went out in my police dressing up outfit again. This is the new range from Equisaftey which says POLITE notice, please slow down....and yes I do look formal in my "polite" attire. The traffic seem to respect it, so who am I to complain even if I do look like a complete plum in it! If it makes them slow down I'll dress up Dame Edna Everage and ride out.....hmm perhaps not!
Anyway long may this hot spell reign - everybody is loving it!

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  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

    I think we've switched weather - we have your damp, cool rain and you have our warm temps.

    Love the outfit! I would dress like a "complete plum" as you say (love that!) if I could ride one second on your bridleway. Also, here there is no attire that would cause a car to yield. Unfortunately, the car rules our country. I dash across the road sometimes, but never ride on it. The drivers would never notice a horse.