Diary of an Equine Mum

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Sorry Would You Like Whiskas Meatballs For Dinner?!

I consider myself to be an ok cook so why do my teenage sons sniff and pull a face when they look at the pot on the stove like I'm cooking s**t au vin! I was cooking beef cannelloni tonight which is just a glorified lasagne, with a lot of faffing about, but tastes much the same and tastes nice I might add. 
I don't like tomato sauce with mince, I don't like that pasta rolled..... Whats that white stuff? It's ricotta cheese I replied. I don't like that, was the reply. Well I took no notice and served it up, to watch them prod and poke it around like I had served them up Whiskas meatballs....now there is a thought. I'm so tempted, haven't got Whiskas but the cats have got some Felix "Good As Country Meat" pouches. Pour some Ragu over it and they would never know the difference!

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