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Friday, 2 September 2011

Roll On Tuesday!

Roll on Tuesday, back to school! The teenagers in my household can then return to a "normal" daily routine. B&M have started to live a nocturnal life style which is winding up Stephen no end. They are not rising until midday and then roll their eyes at me as I ask them to turn down the stereo at 11.20pm and tell them to go to bed at night. Well this seems to be ignored as their Facebook's posts are shown well gone midnight and beyond. Also roll on Tuesday and hopefully my bank account can recover, I feel like I've been mugged over the last 6 weeks, £10 here, £5 there £50 for new shoes etc etc. I'm amazed my bank haven't rang me to see if my card has been cloned. As for the shopping bill -  I cannot even begin to add up what was spent in August. Our bank statement reads Co Op, Tescos, Sainburys, Co Op, Co Op..........Feeding two teenagers is fairly expensive but its the feeding of the teenagers friends too! The kitchen cupboards look like we've been burgled with only lonely wrappers are left or empty boxes (why can't they put them in the bin??)
I have said that this is the last summer holidays of them doing sweet f.a. Billy is 16 later this year and it is time for him to work. I know its hard out there, and jobs are hard to find BUT the Hilton Hotel that they have been enjoying this summer is shutting down for summer 2012!

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