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Friday, 16 September 2011

Please Don't Go.......

I Love You Flick - Please Don't Go.....
I was feeling a bit better this morning and went down the yard to see Zeb and the girls. It was such a lovely sunny morning that I thought, havent ridden all week, I just walk/trot him up the lane and back as I was feeling still not my usual best! I decided to go out with Sue on Flick and then turn round at the top of the lane while she carried on to do the so called "big block". We have done this before when we ride out together and another horse left to go off elsewhere and the horses have been fine, a little funny to begin with but are generally fine. I certainly had no worries that Zeb would play up by Flick leaving him....or so I thought! 

What a nightmare ride home, he called and called, danced about in the road, went to go up a few times and then going so fast, I felt he was going to flee to come back to the yard (probably without me). I knew if I got off he would be worse, so stuck with it, booting him on and thank the lord I saw one of the ladies who lives down from the yard, walking her dog. She kindly said she would walk back with me as he was so upset. At least if I was dumped in the road, she was there to see it!! Anyway he was marginally better but created all the way back until I got back to the yard in one piece! Deep joy! He wasn't happy and but then he got back to his normal self when Flick arrived back 10 minutes later....I didn't realise they loved each other so much. What an exhausting morning, shame you can't have alcohol on anti-biotics!

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