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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

More Grand Prix Road Nails Please!

Well I left the farrier this morning (with his new young trainee) with instructions to put more road nails into Zeb's shoes. We have had a major problem with the council resurfacing the roads (which I know is much needed) with a sleek black shiny tarmac. The lanes don't look dissimilar to the Monaco Grand Prix race track! However lovely they look, they are lethal when riding a horse in metal shoes. The horses, including Zeb are slipping badly on this surface, its like riding a horse on roller skates. Anyway we have spoken to the council and they admit there is a problem but financially cannot do anything about it. I do understand, road saftey is paramount for drivers compared I suppose to the small numbers that use them on horses.....I just don't fancy coming off Zeb when he is doing the splits and I'm forward rolling down the road!

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